We are more than just a consulting firm – we are a community of driven individuals who share a common goal: to create meaningful impact through collaboration and innovation. We believe in building strong relationships with our clients based on honesty, trust, and mutual respect. Join us as we work together towards a brighter future, where people and purpose come first.

RM Consulting operates across 7 countries and 13 cities, leveraging our expertise to drive impactful change for our clients since 2013. Our team collaborates closely with clients to achieve outstanding results, outpace competitors, and transform industries. We complement our specialized skill sets with a dynamic ecosystem of digital innovators, delivering superior, agile, and sustainable outcomes. Our commitment to social responsibility remains unwavering, as we continue to invest in initiatives that address pressing challenges in education, social justice, racial equity, economic development, and the environment. Our success is measured by the success of our clients, and we pride ourselves on providing unparalleled client advocacy within the consultancy industry.


Our People and Culture

At RM Consulting, we firmly believe that taking bold and decisive actions shapes the future. We recognize that true leadership demands the ability to adapt and evolve. We understand that doing what’s right may be challenging, but it’s always worth it in the end.

At our company, we actively search for individuals and clients who strive to be exceptional, and we encourage this mindset in others. Our actions are governed by True North, our steadfast dedication to always do what is right for our clients, our employees, and the communities we serve.

RM Consulting’s goal is to assist our clients in achieving unparalleled levels of value, resulting in the establishment of new benchmarks of excellence within their industries.

RM Consulting

At our firm, we collaborate with ambitious clients who are driven to shape the future. As trusted advisors, we help global leaders tackle complex, industry-defining challenges in areas including strategy, marketing, operations, information technology, digital transformation, advanced analytics, sustainability, corporate finance, and mergers and acquisitions. With our expertise in change management, we facilitate structured and orchestrated transformations that drive sustained results.

Above all, our clients’ success is our top priority. We are proud to have served clients around the world, including private equity funds representing global equity capital, leading nonprofits, and innovative startups.

Our team is dedicated to achieving results that are closely aligned with our clients’ success. We approach every project with a strong sense of passion and commitment, driven by our unwavering adherence to the highest levels of professionalism and ethical standards.

Our team values intellectual honesty above all else, and we are not afraid to speak the truth in clear and concise language. We maintain an open-minded approach and acknowledge the possibility that our current beliefs could be incorrect. We embrace transparency and candidness in all of our interactions, as we believe that honesty and openness are essential components of successful partnerships.

Our team blends innovative thinking with a pragmatic approach that prioritizes achieving concrete results. We are not content with just making decisions; we are driven to turn those decisions into actionable plans that produce meaningful outcomes. Our focus on delivering results sets us apart, as we are dedicated to accomplishing the task at hand with a practical and effective approach.

Our team operates as a united global entity, collaborating with both each other and our clients to channel our collective energy toward achieving exceptional results. We work seamlessly together, leveraging our diverse strengths and perspectives to tackle complex challenges and drive success. Our commitment to operating as one team ensures that we remain aligned and focused on achieving our shared goals.


Our philosophy

At RM Consulting, we firmly believe that taking bold and decisive actions shapes the future. We recognize that true leadership demands the ability to adapt and evolve. We understand that doing what’s right may be challenging, but it’s always worth it in the end.


What we

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At our company, we embody an insurgent mindset. We partner with ambitious clients who are eager to shape the future, not retreat from it. Together, we establish a daring vision and accomplish exceptional outcomes that redefine entire industries.

We prioritize integrated innovation, offering comprehensive solutions that combine our strengths with a carefully curated network of the world’s top innovators. This approach enables us to achieve superior results for our clients with greater speed and sustainability.

Our company culture is uniquely collaborative. Our team members bring a fresh perspective, mutual trust, and contagious energy to every client engagement, creating a distinct and invigorating experience.

Our Team
We frequently receive feedback that partnering with us is a distinctive experience. The reason? Our team embodies a truly collaborative culture, comprising passionate individuals who prioritize your success above all else. Our people are committed to working alongside you every step of the way, leveraging our expertise to deliver exceptional outcomes. The result is a partnership that feels different, as we go above and beyond to ensure that you achieve your goals.

At our firm, we infuse each client relationship with a unique blend of fresh perspective and invigorating energy. Our team prioritizes trust, teamwork, and an openness to diverse viewpoints, empowering clients to hone in on their opportunities, expand their skillsets, and seize the future. Together, we achieve exceptional results that bridge the gap between what is and what could be.

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